Thursday, June 6, 2013

Countdown to finals:10

There are exactly 10days left for the big thing to begin.
6th semester results play a huge role in my future. A lot of pressure. How do I cope with it? I start a blog!

So 10 days, 6 subjects, all semi touched, temperature going up, time going down.

1. management and entrepreneurship
2. unix system programming
3. file structure
4. software testing
5. computer networks
6. pattern recognition

One would say that you have to understand what you study in engineering. My curriculum says, Nobody really cares about what you have understood. If you can tell us what's in the book, you are rewarded. Not my teachers! They actually teach and try their level best to make us understand so that it helps us in the future.

So, we are caught in the confusion between actually learning and preparing only for exam.

Exam expects us to know all the keywords, to have a good handwriting, to underline all the keywords, and to write 4 page answers for 10 marks and draw diagrams, neatly. Makes me mad because I tend to vaguely remember key points and I try to expand on that when I write my exam. Due to this I always miss on the big words and the underlines. But this time is going to be different. 10 days, 6 subjects. Its all in the head. And its all going to find place in my head.

Thanks for reading.
XO Ayesha

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