Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Journey with facebook

What is the first thing that came to your mind when you heard about Facebook?
Why did you join facebook? When did you join facebook?

Everyone knows facebook, its history, its purpose, everything. Those who aren't aware of it, can either look it up on wikipedia or Facebook, and easiest way, by watching social network. Anyway, I didn't know about any of this when I joined. I was 15 and it was before my 10th grade board exams. The only thing I knew was that my friends were slowly leaving Hi5 and joining Facebook. Hi5 was a prominent social network site of that time. And it was popular among my friends.

My first facebook profile picture

Facebook came as a new hobby. We spent hours doing silly quizzes like "Which Harry Potter character are you?" or "Which teen TV show do you belong to?" or even "Who is your TV soul mate". The list went on. And after tests we would compare results with our friends. There was no chat on facebook at the time, so people spammed each others walls or message inboxes. There were no timelines or video/voice calling. People could not even follow each other. We would send each other pillow fights, sheep, and god knows what not. 

When chat arrived, which was soon after, it became my chat central. I stopped using yahoo messenger. In fact, many of my friends stopped using other chat places.

As I was going through my facebook timeline, I noticed my updates regarding how I felt that day or time. Or how I wanted longer vacations. All when I was 16 or 17. I deactivated and reactivated my account about 15 times during my 12th grade.

Once I was in college, my status updates became fewer and I posted fewer pictures, but importance of facebook has only grown around me. More people I know, have joined facebook in the last 3 years, including my parents! (Thank God they didn't send a friend request.) I don't, however use it like I did when I was 16 or 17. I believe, Facebook can sometimes be an implication. Like you are expected to be there. To not miss a thing. Funny thing is, what had promised to keep people closer has only created a realm of awkwardness amongst many. I have old friends on Facebook. Even if we are online we continue to ignore each other. And that would never have happened if we had been face to face.

Nevertheless, Facebook has been a really big part of my life. I didn't make any new friends on facebook, but I surely got closer to many! I still make it a point to check for notifications and birthdays everyday( Well, Almost everyday ).

So lastly I would like to thank Mark Zuckerburg for this fabulous creation that brought people closer and provided a platform called Facebook.

Thanks for reading,
XO Ayesha.

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