Monday, June 24, 2013

My list of must watches

Here is a list of movies(English) close to my heart (in no particular order). The list is pretty long, but I am recommending each and every one of them.

1. Harry potter series: I grew up with this series. Book and the movies. I'm going to have to confess, that the books are way better than the movies. But movies are a must watch none the less. It started off with three small adorable looking kids and watch them grow up as I did too. And I love the ending of the book. I also loved the ending of the fake book that came out a couple of months before the real one.

2. Sisterhood of travelling pants: How a pair of pants fit 4 girls of different shapes and sizes, was beyond me, until a pair of skirt my friend owned fit us all. Even though we didn't do the whole rotation thing, the friendship bond inspired us. Both the movies were great.

3. Eurotrip: One word, FUN! There are so many instances from this movie. You got to watch it to find out.

4. Wild child: I've seen this movie over 10 times. Malibu princess is shipped off to an English school. Her struggles with the place and people is what this movie is about.

5. Lizzie McGuire movie: I just love this movie and the songs.
Have you ever seen such a beautiful site

6. Dirty dancing: I wish to have a dance teacher that good. Sigh!

7. Pretty woman: 

8. Kung fu Panda: A is for Awesome. This movie is so full of that! And I cant wait till the third one is out.

9.  Inception: Dream within a dream within a dream within a dream. Does he wake up? No one knows! When I watched this in the theatre, I couldn't turn my head because I was scared to miss on to some key information.

10. Easy A: Modern age depiction of scarlet letter. Emma Stone, the protagonist gets caught in her own web of lies. And she wears the letter A on her clothes in an attempt to bring in the classic works into her life. A hilarious flick. Must watch!

11. Its a wonderful life: Really! watch it and believe it. Its a wonderful life

12. Raising Helen: When her sister and brother in law pass away in a car accident, she is left to take care of their three children. Her struggles and eventual success in raising the kids will definitely make you say awww.

13. Eat pray love: I love eating. And when you say Italian food. I say yum! Prayers and love follow. But thank god for Pizza and pasta.

14. A Christmas carol: I have been watching this movie for the last 5 years on the eve of Christmas. I love Christmas movies. but this is definitely my favorite!

15. Mean girls: A high school drama, the name suggests the rest. Hats off to the bitchiness!

16.  She's the man: Oh, Channing! Why do you have to be so hot?
So, anyway, this story is about a girl who loves soccer to the extent of impersonating her own brother to play it. Amanda Bynes at her best.

17. Hang over: Its actually possible to get drunk enough to not remember anything. I'm guessing that is the best part. I watched the first 2 movies. And they were super fun. The moment exams get over, I'll watch the next.

18. Step up: The first movie had everything a movie should have, romance, music, drama, hot people, and of course, dance.  The next 2 were great for the dance, but this had the best overall experience.Step up is very well known for its finishing dance.

Its probably clear from the above list that I like light movies. Mostly fun, little inspirational in there weird own ways. There are so many more movies, but really, attaching the trailer of each would have been quite the pain. So when you have the time, do check out the movie. Also tell me, what movies are close to your heart in the comment section?

Thanks for reading,
XO Ayesha

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