Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One down Five to go!

Omg! That was something! I sat from morning trying to revise and memorize everything in that book that I had studied in the last two days. 

2 pm, the time had come. Started by filling out the first sheet with out registration number, date, subject and signature. And filling out signatures on every sheet of the exam book(yes that's a rule). And then I saw the question paper. It was filled with all expect questions. Shouldn't that be a good thing?
It should, except it wasn't. Everything that I had studied felt like it had mixed up in my mind. I was hungry because I hadn't eaten anything after my breakfast. (NEVER DO THAT). Its not like I didn't have food. But the butterflies in my stomach did not allow me to eat. So I was sitting there convincing myself for sit just another question. Questions after questions. It took strong will power to not walk out that door. There was so much more on my mind, while sat there and scribbled on the blue book.

And the biggest piss off, was the invigilator who told us to turn in our books before even the time got over, and he had this weirdest accent.
All in all, I really hope I get between 60-70 since I need 62 in every subject for an FCD.

The exam ended, but the evening was so beautiful. Three of my friends and I sat in a car while it rained. Enjoyed a chilled cola and bonded listening to Diamonds. Had hot chaat to top that. Helped us relax and enjoy!

Thanks for reading,
XO Ayesha 

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