Saturday, June 15, 2013

What studying management and entrepreneurship has taught me so far

The last two days I've been reading Principles of management by PC Tripathi PN Reddy, and Management and Entrepreneurship by NVR Naidu and T Krishna Rao. The two books have given me what I need for the exam on Monday. So I'd like to mention, no disrespect towards them.

I'm not really going to specify what I read and learnt because that I need to write on Monday anyway.

  1. Creativity must not come from your mind, it must come from your prescribed books.
  2. Your answers should have the key words whether or not the rest of your paragraph relates to the question or not. I'm spending hours trying to remember keywords in classification of decision making.
  3.  On decision making, its one thing to read what is decision making, another to remember pragmatic vs non-pragmatic, individual vs collective and so on.
  4. An entrepreneur is one who uses their skills and effort to create wealth ethically. A student is one who spends money on trying to understand (and memorize) the characteristics and qualities of an entrepreneur while they both seem the same.
  5. If I had to read only Naidu, I would take one-third the time I need to finish both the books( Yes, Chapters are longer in Tripathi, Reddy).

This is for those who are going to be checking our exam books. Please use common sense because that is what the books stress on. Memorizing the books' keywords is not going to make anyone a better manager.

Thanks for reading,
XO Ayesha

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