Friday, July 19, 2013

Affordable work out gears to keep at home

Working out can be excruciating. Making time to go to the gym or yoga class isn't always easy. But thanks to workout videos (youtube,, dailyhiit )  and tutorials ( pinterest, collegecandy body) workout is never the same. There is a lot that can be done at our own homes.

Still, there are some equipments that are always helpful in making your workout at home better and more effective.

Yoga mat

Whether you want to do yoga or not, a yoga mat is always helpful. You can use a mat for circuit exercises, strength exercises, pilates and of course yoga! You can even use it as a cushion to dance on

And if you decide not to exercise, you can still use it to sit on the floor!

Dumb bells

They say you can't lose fat without weight training. But that makes it easy to pass off the gym. Saying you don't have time isn't a good enough excuse. That is why its always good to have a pair of dumb bells at home according to your requirement. I have one pair of 2 kg each. I use it for my arm work out...

A good pair of shoes

A good pair of shoes always come in handy when you want to take your workout outdoor. Sports or dance they go a long way.  They help in avoiding injuries, and giving you maximum benefit during and after the workout.

It is always better to invest on a pair of shoes rather than trying to save some money on it.

source: northsidesf

A good playlist

Music improves exercise endurance. It gives an extra push when the going gets tough. nuff sed!

Comfortable clothes

Whether you want to exercise in your pajamas or in decent tracks or yoga pants, its always important to be comfortable in them. You don't want tight clothing to restrict breathing and you also don't want them to be to loose.

source: collegefashion
source: reddit

Some nice things to have

Kettle bell: I've read a lot about kettle ball workout and how good they are. It would be nice to buy one and use.


Skipping rope: 10 minutes of skipping rope can help burn 93 for a 120 lb person. And its really cheap.

source: peterwynnscore

Hula hoop: This cheap article helped a woman to lose inches off her waist. So cool!

source: yourangelofmusic

Good luck with your workout!

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