Sunday, July 14, 2013

Beware of sales and how they make a hole in your pocket

Ya ya! I know I was extremely excited about the sales. But after shopping at one today, I'm feeling a little... Let down. I feel slightly cheated. I feel as though the sales are just a way of tricking a customer in to buying things they may or may not actually want to buy and then not billing them for the expected amount.

My dad and I needed to buy some formal clothes so we looked for a sale in the local newspaper. We went to the nearby mall. The sale for men's wear promised buy two get one and that for women's wear, Flat 40% off. As it turned out, the discounted price did not include vat(tax). Off sale, the marked price would be inclusive off all taxes. However on sale they charge vat at the rate of 5%. So when you expect 40% off, do not expect 40% off! Because you are actually going to get only 35% off. This would not make much of a difference if your purchase is for Rs. 100-200. But its really disappointing when you have bought a garment for 1999, and you expect its discounted price to be Rs.1199 and it actually is Rs.1299. A 100 buck makes a huge difference when you are out to eat, or when you are buying accessory or groceries.

 There was another offer promising a voucher for Rs. 1000 if we spent Rs.5000 valid between the dates 15th august to 30th august(off sale). Those customers who had 4000 would try to add item on to their basket so that they had bought for exactly 5000. Which meant they spent 1000 more than they needed to. The advertisement however did not tell us that we get two voucher of Rs 500 each and we can use one only when we make a purchase of Rs 3000 and above. Hence to use up the entire 1k, we need to spend another 6k.

 I understanding marketing strategies but this just felt like cheating. They should not try to fool the consumers in this way. If they are going to charge 5% vat, they must not advertise saying 40%, or 50% or whatever other percentage.

And a word of advise to fellow consumers, buy only what you absolutely need. I can not ask people to boycott the sales because off sales the items are much more expensive. But be sensible, and spend sensibly!

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XO Ayesha

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