Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Confusion strikes

I'd been thinking about what to do after Engineering ever since I started with it. But now was the time when I had to start and really start working. For the last two years I'd been swinging between MS and MBA. While MS allows me to stay close to programming, MBA makes me interact more with people rather than only with computers. I enjoy both and that made it difficult for me to choose between the two. The other problem here is, that the two are poles apart, and cost wayy too much separately for a middle class, Indian family to afford together. So it is important that I chose one and started working on it.

My father finally helped me decide that I should really do an MBA. According to him, I would do better working with people rather than computer. I argued that my Engineering degree would go to waste and that I might get farther away from what I've always wanted to do, be an engineer! He showed me that I could always stay close to technology, by working in sales, marketing or HR team of a tech company and at the same time utilizing my inborn potential for it. So dated 10th July 2013, I will get an MBA degree, become a successful CEO someday, may be even an entrepreneur.

I've started making my check-list. A lot of work is to be done on me. I've to grow as per the universities' criteria. I need to get a job, join a social cause, improve on my written/ oral communication skill, and read a lot more! At the moment I've selected 9 universities. Four of them are amongst top 10, one between rank 10 and 20, and rest in the top 50. I'm going to narrow my list to 4 universities in 2 years. Until then, I will be developing and growing to my full potential. 

 Whatever I do, I would like to be a good person, take care of my mother and father when they get older, do my bit for the society. I would like to be a person who enjoys life to fullest. Travel, eat, sleep, workout, read, write, do crazy things and just live!

Thanks for reading,
XO Ayesha

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