Sunday, July 21, 2013


I just read an article in Times Life regarding Fitspiration. But the truth is I have been using Fitspiration since I was much younger. Break it up, you get Fit+inspiration. Experts say that fitspiration can lead to healthy impact on your mind to act on your body.

source: pinterest

Fitspiration is meant for inspiration. Images of toned, lean bodies have a subconscious impact on the mind. It is about health, not just looks.


Pinterest boards provide a lot of fitspirations. There are pictures of good bodies, in clothes that help visualise a future of our own body as such.

There are bloggers who have started fitness blogs to inspire themselves and others.

This girl displays her blog on tumblr which she calls A work in progress.

Source:A work in progress

How to use fitspiration :

Stay optimistic. Do not let it frustrate you. Fitness is not achieved overnight. You have to persistent and encouraged.

When you are working out and you are tired. Look at this, and think, believe, another minute, another rep and when you are done with that, go for one more. 

Learn to say no. My weakness is pizza. And I really have to work on this attribute. Because ...

Hope you will use fitspiration to your advantage,

Thanks for reading,
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