Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happiness philosophies

The Princeton dictionary defines happiness as state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

To me, happiness is just that feeling I get when I am satisfied with myself and others. It is possible that a person is sad even after the universe tries to make her happy. It is also possible for a person to be happy even the worst of problems surrounds her.

When you want to be happy there is nothing that can stop you from being happy. You will find happiness in the smallest moments of life. A mother finds happiness in her child's smile. A friend finds happiness in another friends achievement. A child finds happiness in spending time with her parents. A lover finds happiness in the arms of her lover. Happiness is everywhere. Life is too short, so make sure you get your share from everywhere!

51 things to make me happy

  1. Buy one-get one on dominos
  2. Smell of wet mud
  3. Listening to my favourite song on radio
  4. Looking at weighing scale and seeing weight lower that the weight previous week
  5. Seeing a question in the question paper on the topic read last minute
  6. Reaching the bus stop just in time for the direct bus to college/home
  7. Donating old clothes/books to a person in need
  8. Looking at sale
  9. Looking at pinterest
  10. Watching friends
  11. Making and drinking cold coffee
  12. Watching mom so enthusiastic with her stitching
  13. Watching dad show off his new trophy 
  14. Seeing my brother get a 100 in math
  15. Doing something that I haven't done in ages
  16. Taking a bath
  17. Swimming
  18. Watching a chick flick
  19. Listening to that kid talk about football
  20. Eating chaat on a rainy day
  21. Buying something, anything new
  22. Using that new item bought in 21
  23. Smile on a random person when they see me
  24. Exercising and talking about exercising
  25. Meeting an old friend
  26. Meeting a new friend
  27. Visiting a new place
  28. Looking at old photos
  29. Listening to mom and dad talk about my childhood
  30. Just sitting
  31. Sleeping
  32. Watching the first episode of a season
  33. Watching a movie, first day first show
  34. Going out with friends
  35. Drinking water after being thirsty for a long time
  36. Ringing the bell in Pizza hut
  37. Celebrating my birthday or any other day
  38. Reading a nice book (Harry Potter) all day
  39. Seeing eye-candy in a mall(or anywhere)
  40. Clouds covering the sun as soon as I step out
  41. Seeing that kid smile only to make me smile
  42. Baking a cake and it actually turns out to be good
  43. Applying eyeliner properly in the first time( yes, I suck at applying make up)
  44. Smell of fresh flowers
  45. Look of the ocean, river, or lake. (only lakes in Bangalore)
  46. Sweating terribly during and after a work out
  47. Watching the sun set
  48. Solving a sudoku
  49. Completing an assignment or any school work
  50. Reading a blog
  51. Finishing a blog post
 What makes you happy? Comment below!

Thanks for reading,
XO Ayesha


  1. I think you missed out something!;)

    1. I am sure. because there are many more things..


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