Tuesday, July 16, 2013

If I could choose my career based on the shows I watch

Has it ever happened that your are watching some show and your mind gets involved so much that you wish you could be a part of it? Or the very least do what your characters do? It has happened with me! Multiple times! So many times I watch my character's jobs and fall in love with them. The lives, the money, the style makes me want to switch careers!

 White Collar (FBI Agent): 

HOT people running around in suits, catching criminals, being criminals. Matt Bomer's character in white collar is so awesome. I mean, what can't the dude do? He can paint, forge signatures, do sculptures, copy seals!

Revenge (multibillionaire/ computer expert):

The ease with which he hacks into computers, or puts gps trackers on people just inspires me. Also, I'm studying to be an engineer and I really don't know how to do any of that. What I really want to be is a multibillionaire! Rich and awesome. (pun intended)!

One Tree Hill (Fashion designer ):

source: polyvore
If you have read my post pinspiration you will know, I love Brooke Davis! Her character was powerful, inspiring, and her dialogues were were wow! She started clothes over bros in high school and what happened after that was history.

Friends (chef/buyer):

 Rachel gets to work at bloomingdale's first and then Ralph Lauren as a buyer and later marketing merchandise. She gets fancy discounts on everything and earns quite a bit.

Monica on the other hand becomes the head chef at a fancy restaurant. Since I'm a foodie, and have drooled over Monica's lasagnas so many times.


 How to live life king size. Live it like Harvey Specter! He describes him self as emotionless, great yet fair. The emotionless characteristic has been debatable one if you ask me. He is the best lawyer, and he makes me wish I had studied law. And his character has been the most inspiring to me so far. He knows how to handle a client and he knows how to behave with his under links. He seems to be a good person too in spite of his quirks.

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XO Ayesha


  1. You a White Collar fanatic too?? I just adore that show!

  2. I love that show! I love Neal Caffery.. But I really really love Peter! He is so good. His character is everything you want a guy and boss to be!

  3. Yeah, love that guy, but strangely it's Mozzie who intrigues me the most! :D

  4. Oh! I love Mozzie! Doesn't everyone!?

  5. you could have joined me in my law school :/ ...(i'm not writing my name but yea you know who i am so we're good)

  6. Suits wasn't there then. And i wouldn't want to be your junior now right?


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