Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Little things matter.

 To live our life to the fullest, we need to observe little things around us. And sometimes they might just be our own little problems. As it is the little things that makes us happy, little things can also harm us if not treated at their "little" stage. The first step to solving a problem is acknowledging it. The next is to plan to overcome it, and final stage is to overcome it.

Why do we have problems at all? Sometimes its due to factors around us. But most times the reason is within us. We fret over small things, when we should actually be using them to be happy, grow, make a life out of them. We worry about things like missing a movie in the movie hall or weight issues while there are people who are missing meals and losing their lives.

While all our problems may seem big, do you think that going into depression or taking ones life seems like a solution? It is not! One should cry a little only to take it out and then face their problems with a smile. Because as Henry Ford says, "There are no big problems, their are just a lot of little problems"

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