Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pinspiration 20/07/2013 :)

Friends : Tows the Vows.

Book fans: Well, I too wouldn't want to go to hunger games. But throughout my childhood and teens and I think even now little bit I wish I could go to Hogwarts!

Diy/ crafts: My Mom found this alcohol bottle somewhere and now she is all excited about turning it into a vase. I'm going to suggest this to her. Hope she like it too!

Types of shoes: I needed to buy specific type of shoes, so I looked em up. I found this a very good guide for asking for shoes!

Awesome car: 2015 Lotus Etern, So Hot!!!

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  1. I had a great plan when I was 11 to make fake Hogwarts letters for my friends and see their reactions. Too bad I never went through with it and filmed their reactions! Oh, and to answer your request on my blog, I'd love to do a feature on formal corporate wear! You can look for the post starting next Wednesday. I hope you like it :)



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