Friday, July 12, 2013

Pinspiration 7/12/2013 :)

I love pinterest! It is like the biggest time pass. Ya well, time pass! You can spend hours scrolling down, and not really using any of the pins for something productive. Favorite pins of this week are:

Kitchen inspiration: Since we are renovating our kitchen, decided to do some "research". Love this kitchen!

Organizer: Sticky notes can really organize our to dos. You can make a calender or just use it as a study guide. But sticky notes rock!

Brooke Davis' lines: This character and Sophia bush's timing has made quite an impact on my teenage years! She has the best dialogues and she is the awesomest(if that could be a word)

OMFG!!! I Died a little when I read the title:

Great Laugh:

Great quote: 

Photography lesson for me: Those who wish to follow the link, click here

For when you are blue : I've read this post a couple of times now. It has the capability to get you smiling in a jiffy! Aannd to read this awesome post, click here

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XO Ayesha.

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