Friday, August 23, 2013

Happiness from the inside

Yes, I know that I spoke about rejection in my last post. But friendship is such a huge thing that, rejection from a company seems silly when you have your friends. I had a hugely awesome day, today. I spent the day at home with my two very very close friends. And the evening with one of my oldest and closest friends! We poured our hearts to each other. We were meeting after months. She is working in Fidelity and I'm still a student. She is two years elder to me. Over food and stuff we managed to tell each other so many details of our lives that we had missed out on. We are the kind of friends who stay without talking to each other for months but when we talk, its as though we never stopped. We didn't really take pictures today. But, If we had I could have showed how happy were to spend time with each other. It is a great feeling to talk to your friends. I'm really lucky to have friends who I can rely on and be sure that no matter what happens I will never lose them!

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XO Ayesha

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