Saturday, August 31, 2013

In desperate need for fitspiration

Ever since I left for North India, I have been guilty of
  • Not eating right
  • Not exercising
  • Not caring about my ever increasing waistline
And after I came back I have been enjoying a hell lot! Which in my words, means eating a lot! It is Saturday night, and I just had a meal in Pizza hut, an I'm feeling awfully guilty about how my food habits have gone boom!! Blasted off into nowhere! Forgive me for going all dramatic, but I'm actually glad this happened before any major changes took place on the scale.

So here I'm thinking about how I can revert to being careful of my exercise routines and green tea! What I'm looking for, is not to lose 2 or 5 pounds, but for a lifestyle change. I know that I cant stop eating junk, unfortunately. But I also need to take steps for nullifying the effects of that junk. And hopefully going the 80-20(or 60-40) way. Anyway, so guess what I turn to for help for? PINTEREST! Well its true that I Google most things. From books to celebrities. But when it comes to clothes, food and fitness, Its pinterest! To check out my pinterest fitness page, click here.

My things to do list for tomorrow

1. Drink a glass of lemon water as soon as I wake up.

2.  An hour of Zumba Exhilarate.


3. Have green tea and salads. I last had green tea 4 days back. So its really weird. Before that I was having it everyday.

If you want a simple way of making green tea, click here .

Recipe for this salad can be found here

 Do you have any tips for me? Comment below:

Thanks for reading,
XO Ayesha


  1. great list!:) so inspiring!♥ I like to workout, but I dont do it regularly..

    1. I understand how that is! We need to make it a part of our life like sleeping and eating, but that never happens

  2. I understand the struggle girl! After I graduated college and moved back home, I have been guilty of bad health decisions

    Check out my new blog! Also follow on my new Facebook and Bloglovin pages to stay in touch! I’ll follow back! Talk to you soon! = )

    I Am Marie Liv Bloglovin

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    1. Hi Marie! I think its in our 20s that we can make or break the rest of our life. I keep trying to put my life in a line. You are right! its quite a struggle!

      Going over to your blog right now!


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