Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ramadan Feast

Along with all the fasting and hunger that we go through during the days of Ramadan, many evenings are followed by humongous feasts. The best part of this month is the evening meal. Various fried items, dates, the traditional chana (gram)- chooda(rice flakes), fruit salads, vegetable salads, rooh-afza sherbet, and lime juice. All of these together make up the feast of Ramadan. Fasting the entire day gives a person liberty to indulge in all the unhealthy items on the table. I'm not sure if that is a good idea if you want to lose weight.
My entire goal during Ramadan has been portion control. It is easy to get carried away, but its always sensible not to! I have lost 1kg during this period. And here's what I've done.

  • Morning: Have 2 parathas and 1 cup coffee, Along with b-complex capsule or sea cod liver capsule, 2 glasses of water
  • No food, No water entire day
  • Evening: A little bit of everything, no juice only lemon water, cold coffee for the instant energy
  • Night: Vegetable salad, green tea
  • Loads of water the entire evening, to my self from dehydrating

Thanks for reading,
XO Ayesha


  1. I have often wondered how people last the entire day without food or water. I read this news story about Muslim football players who still went to training during Ramadan---now that's dedication! If I had to abstain the entire day, I would gobble up everything in sight at night.


    1. Hey! I'm sorry for the late reply!
      You think you can gobble, but trust me when I say its hard to! It's very difficult to eat a lot when you haven't eaten the entire day. But the whole experience is fun. And I actually feel weird when I don't fast during Ramadan!


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