Sunday, September 8, 2013

Simple little things

Happy Sunday all! Since we are getting an extra day, I just feel so much more productive. There is a pooja followed by lunch at my friends place. I'm so excited to have the festival food.

I want to show all the little things that are super cute and can totally trip you when you are high. Just kidding! But they do make me really silly happy!

 Here is my little mushroom candle, all waiting to opened! Its so pretty! Can not say! My friend gave it to me as a birthday gift. I haven't lit it up yet. I just like to look at it.

Isn't it like super cute?? I keep it on my vanity. A bit more on my vanity, later ;)

This is a Marks and Spencer eau de toilette, Sparkle! It was a gift from someone 2 and a half years back. I love this bottle's covering, all shiny and pretty! And fragrance is as though its made for me. I don't use it regularly so that it lasts longer!

These coasters, I flicked from my dad's cabinet. Again its silvery and shiny! And its been helping a lot with my coffee, green tea, water bottle. Thats why I keep two.

This used to be a key chain. But the ring came out and got lost. So now I just have it pinned on my bulletin board. This also was a gift. And a very thoughtful one for a narcissist like myself!

Well, this is it for now.
I can't wait for tomorrow! It's not just going to be a place for eating and merry, it will also be a place for blog ideas, pictures and stories. And I love stories. I believe behind everything there is a story.

Thank you for sitting through mine
XO Ayesha

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