Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why I love clichéd romances and bheja fry type movies

I have already done a post on some of my must watch chick flicks.
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In addition to chick flicks, I also like silly romantic comedies and some crazy comedies that require us to leave our brains on the side. Well, the best part about such movies is that they can lighten any mood. For instance, I recently watched Chennai Express, a Bollywood movie. Although this movie has no head or tail to its story, I loved it, for two reasons, a) Shahrukh Khan!!! b) random comic timing.
Movies are anyway a mean to escape reality, if you ask me. It takes you into lives of fictitious characters and gives you various unnecessary details. Watching a clichéd romance end with a good ending makes you go all, aww.  And when the villain beats up the hero, everyone sits up straight with tension.

Another kick ass movie I love was the hang over series which make you go, like really? wtf? I did mention this movie in my list of must watches, as well.



There are so many other bollywood and hollywood movies that are considered complete trash by the critiques, yet are extremely lovable because of their power to take your mind to a much lighter environment. And, that is what pulls me towards such movies. This doesn't mean I don't like puzzling movies, I do. Its so much more fun to watch silly movies.

What do you think?

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  1. Love all movies with Shahrukh!:) This article is so true!♥ People watch movies in order to escape reality and to relax.. Sometimes I just need to watch some cliche or cheesy films because they make me smile and they really make my day♥:)

    1. Do you watch with subtitles or do you know hindi?


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