Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yes, there is a place like this left in Bangalore

It was some time in the morning when I took these pictures. This is in the WMS compound BSNL where my friend lives. It is really hard to find places of such beauty in Bangalore now.

Bangalore was once a very green city. In fact, known as the garden city. But then, soon after it became the silicon valley of India and most companies started their offices here, trees were cut down in order to make place for the settlement of people who migrated to get jobs. Buildings were constructed and roads were broadened.

wonder how this broke!

I have been going to her place for a long time, and the last time i went, I saw a flock of birds taking off from that huge ground. It really made me miss my camera. The sight was so beautiful. You could see the unity then and there! Anyhow this is what I could take from my phone camera, hope you can see many little white  things in the middle

Another really cute thing I got to see there was a dog resting on the top of a car. Tell me if it isn't! I am super scared of dogs, so I asked my friend to take this picture.

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XO Ayesha.


  1. Cool pictures!!

    Wanna follow each other on Bloglovin'?

    Sophisticated Lace

    1. Thanks! I'm going over to your blog right now! :)

  2. oh it's a pity that these gardens are slowly dissapearing:( but you took lovely photos!♥

    1. Thank you! I found another really cool place near by, I hadn't taken my camera so soon I'll n take pics of that place!


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