Monday, October 28, 2013

Festy weekend: Friend's birthday, Maaya and pre-Diwali dinners

This weekend was mainly dedicated to celebrations. There are times when you don't need a reason to celebrate. This weekend wasn't one of those times. We had all the reasons and the resources to celebrate like maniacs.

Saturday, the 26th was dedicated to my friend Pravin. It was his time to turn 21 but it was our reason to party, and who likes to give up reasons like that? We started in Taco bell, moved to Xtreme, where we saw loud people dancing off to glory. The real fun began when our party moved to Akshay's terrace.  That's when more people arrived and it got a lot more fun!

Following that, the same night I attended a pre-Diwali dinner party. If it wasn't for Chennai express, I'd have been dead bored. (I love you, SRK!)

The next day, I went for my college fest, Maaya. Battle of the bands wasn't as much fun as it was the last two years. I might be (little) partial when I say I only enjoyed my friend's band's performance! The crowd was also scattered. My friends ditched at the last minute and only Apoorvee, Sammy and I were there. We got to see the consolidate crowd only during the street dance competition, where the entire quadrangle(a term we use for open area inside the building) was filled with people. The dancers were awesome! Like in those step up movies! It's only when you see those people that your arm strength is super low. 
The head-liner band, Slain was good, but they didn't fit the mood for a fest. Most of us wanted teekha bollywood numbers and they played only rock music. We were disappointed when we didn't get to hit a couple of thumkas.

Following that, I attended another pre-Diwali party. This was nice, since it was at a family friend's place. There was good food and good conversations.

What did your weekend consist of?

Thanks for reading!
XO Ayesha

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