Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! Boo!

I met my friends today for lunch. That's when we started discussing Halloween and all that comes with it. Ghosts, spirits, and real life stories associated with them.
I'm not scared generally by horror movies but when people share real life instances, I have a little problem. I believe in all of it. I know that there are supernatural beings that exist around us, I want no kind of contact what-so-ever. And no dreams either. I love listening to the stories but I want them to leave my mind soon enough so that I can return to my normal, carefree self.

I got back home and shared the stories with my brother. He made nothing better. He shared a couple of two liners from thought catalog which wouldn't have been scary if he hadn't disclosed why they scare him.He then discussed the reasons for not keeping mirrors in the room. And that made me dread the 4 mirrors I have in mine. And then we discussed a few past instances that scared him while I had managed to stay oblivious to the details. Whenever I feel scared, its not often, I console myself by saying our house is blessed, we pray in the house. It keeps the negative energy out.

I know, Halloween is celebrated by dressing up as someone who you are not. But we spent it discussing stories.

What is your take on these things?

Thanks for reading!
XO Ayesha

Ps: I'm not sleeping in my room tonight.

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