Thursday, October 3, 2013

Once upon a time...

Okay, so I am not starting a fairy tale. Most of you must have heard of once upon a time, the TV show! Its about fairy tale characters in the "real" world.The third season just came out this week, and it was bigger and better than before and I thought I must do a post on it! The main highlight of the show was Henry, who apparently has a heart of a true believer and Pan wants him because of that. And two of his mothers, grand fathers, a grand mother and a pirate are all out to save him from "Neverland"

Okay so I have put down my favorite shots below.

While they all fight the storm, in order to reach the island so as to find Henry

Regina is the only one who has the mind to use her magic in their aid. Regina is my favourite character, and if you are wondering why, then I can tell you. She is brave, smart, young, and even though she has a negative character in the show, when it comes to her son, she is ready to cross all limits to come to his resque.

This scene was really cute. Mulan asked Neil to think of Emma and not a place. And all I could think of was.. LOVE!

The heart of the true believer manages to fly,but to whom? To the boy he has been running from all along? And what's going to happen in the next episode? Will they manage to save him!?

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