Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some Durga Puja fun!

Hello all! I haven't been this relaxed in months! The last three days have been nothing but means to escape reality. So all I have done is reeelaaax! And that in my world means watching tons on TV episodes, sleeping and roaming. It was dussera/navratri/durga puja the past week and that meant fun! My friend had invited us to a gathering near his place.

While my friend and I waited for the host to arrive, we got both time and place(well, may be not place) to click pictures of each other. Imagine, the girls arrived earlier than boys disproving the common misconception that girls always arrive later than boys. While, at the same time looking twice as fab!

This is my friend, Apoorvee. Check her out in Indian wear. She said to me as soon as we met, " I deserve to dress up because I fasted for 9 days". I have to say she was right. Besides, the glow is seen on her face!

 I love her purse. I love color combination!

Here, you can see her matching earring. And the totally pretty smile!

Me! I'm wearing my mom's design! I'm planning to start a series of posts on the clothes my mom has created. Please don't get irritated when I repeat some pictures. This isn't exactly Indian. Semi, actually!

 My snowflake earring covered partially by my hair. And another earring slightly higher than the snowflake earring. I love earrings! If you have been  following my blog, you might already know that, but if you are knew, check out my earring collection right  here!

That's not all. Here are the pictures from the puja. The crowd was super excited. There were people from all cultural backgrounds. But its conducted by the Bengali association.  There were close to 50 such gatherings in the entire city and this was one of the smaller ones. So, you can just imagine how big the crowd must be there.

Goddess Durga's idol, along with other gods!

This was the prashad line( where you get offerings from the prayer). The moment we saw it, we went and stood to take it. Like us, there were many others standing too!

Here is a picture that we clicked after the food and ice cream. By the way, we had Chinese.
Introduction at a glance: (from left): Kunal, Datta, Prasraban(the host), me, Apoorvee

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XO Ayesha.


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