Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I was cheated on...

How would you feel if you were cheated on my someone?

This is my story on how I was cheated on!

I feel like that right now. I was having my Milano. It has been always good. Great exterior, even better interior.

Yes, I was cheated on by my cookie. While I was having one of my last bite, deep within the chocolate chip, I bit onto something that felt sandy. Spoiled my entire impression of the cookie, left me feeling sad and hopeless. It took me a few minutes and gargles to take that taste out of my mouth and sand out of my teeth.

Sorry for being so dramatic. I enjoy my cookie. And I never thought anything like this would happen with Milano, since its a very reputed brand here. But who knew? The best brands can have flaws. Even they can suffer from bad times.

I guess I am going to keep my hands off a milano for a while. Anyway cookies are bad for me!


  1. Oh my goodness!! You started this delicious story in such a creative way doll!! Nice post

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