Monday, November 4, 2013

Movies by the years


I have silly little hobby.
I like to read celebrity and movies wikipedia pages.
I don't really read everything. But I like going through them.

So, a few things caught my attention while I was going through a couple of pages from the time of wizard of oz and gone with the wind and then psycho and so on.

 The first thing that caught my attention was that how many of these scripts were adapted/copied to make slightly more current movies, even Hindi!
Let me take an example. An affair to remember, which it self was a remake of the 1939 movie, Love affair, was later used in Sleepless in Seattle and a bollywood film Mann had the same story(1999).

Another movie I had seen called dil hai ki maanta nahin. A couple of weeks ago, I was watching a really really old movie on TV, named chori chori. As the movie proceeded, I recognized its close resemblance to dil hai ki maanta nahin, to the point of having songs at the same scenes. And that made me go to its wikipedia page and and reading more about it. It turned out that both these movies were inspired from a movie called It happened one night.
And these are just two of the many examples, do kaliyan from parent trap, parent trap from parent trap, cheaper by the dozen, pink panther, just go with it, you've got mail and the list goes on and on.

Another thing that caught my attention: How many times did all those actors and actresses get married?! Janet Leigh, from Psycho mother of Jamie Lee Curtis (mother from Freaky Friday) was married 4 times. Jamie Lee's father, Tony Curtis was married
6 times. The beautiful Cleopatra actress, Elizabeth Taylor was married 8 times, twice to the same man, Richard Burton, who himself was married 4 times. If we sit to analyze their family tree, my god, we will lose it.
Also, I was looking at number of celebrities who's kids actually have made it in the movies. Not many. So it turned out that the children actually decided not to follow their parents footsteps. I couldn't really trace their DNA to people working now(except for Jamie Lee Curtis, of course!)

I truly wish many of the black and white movies colored or at least Technicolor like the wizard of oz and cheaper by the dozen. Psycho was the first movie I saw that was black and white, my eyes were tortured. I am getting better with b&w movies now.

What is your take on what I just wrote?

Thanks for reading!
XO Ayesha.


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  2. I share that obsession. lol. My hubby got me on it. I can't get through a TV show or movie without pulling up a page or two. lol. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. :) xo

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