Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pretty Posts

This is a little old one by hellogiggles, One tree hill birthday mix tape. During its time, one tree hill was one of my favorites. I've learned a lot from this show. This post brought back memories from the show and got me super nostalgic.

New York City, Always wanted to live or at the very least visit this place. This post tells us what all you should know before we do move to this "big ol apple"

This link does not take you to a post, but an entire blog filled with pictures. Really pretty pictures!! I don't really understand art. But this is plain beautiful!

The skinny confidential tells you why she sleeps on silk pillowcases as opposed to cotton or polyester ones. You better listen to her, because you will benefit from this "tippity tipster"

This too is a slightly older post, Natalie writes this blog to share her secrets to being happy. This ones about confidence and I fell in love with this as soon as I read it.

I'd like to mention this post where Allyson puts up photographs she clicks. And couple of posts recently have been about her family. And they are really really sweet. 


  1. Thanks for the Blog-love Ayesha! xo--thestyleskinny

  2. Who hasn't dreamed of moving to NYC? Although it seems impracticable for my future plans, I'll bookmark this link just in case... ;)




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