Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Used coffee grounds

The next time you make coffee on your machine and take out the grounds from the filter, don't throw it.

You can mix it with some oil to make a thick paste and use it as a body scrub. Not only will it give you the smoothest skin, it will also make you smell like coffee!! And all this for free because you were going to throw the grounds anyway.

Did you know, caffeine is a huge component of cellulite creams available in the market? Coffee grounds still have some of the caffeine even after its brewed

Hope you put this tip to use.

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  1. Great homemade body scrub thanks for sharing Also thank you for visiting my blog following you now by google and bloglovin follow back thanks.

  2. This is great! Thank you for sharing this awesome idea!

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  3. I've never heard of that before! Sounds like a great way to reuse the products!

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  5. Thanks for your lovely comment, I love that idea! :))

  6. I love using coffee as a DIY body scrub because it smells so good <3
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  8. yeah coffee grounds is perfect for those stubborn cellulite and i also use them to get rid of radicals from my hair lol oh dear I am inviting you to join my OASAP international giveaway winners will get the chance to win $50 or $30 shopping credits that they can use to buy items they like at OASAP =).. and we can follow each other too =) just let me know =) hugs

  9. I heard about this, I just always forget to leave my coffee for that, I needed this remainder !
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  10. Such a great tip, I will definitely be giving this a try.x Thanks for sharing!
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  11. I never knew about this! I use a body scrub from Tree Hut that is made of sugar and cocoa, so this would be a cheap substitute.


  12. nice home remedy
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  13. This is true, coffee grounds can be useful :) Great tip, thanks for sharing. Also, thanks for your comment. Sure we can follow each other. I follow via bloglovin #21, waiting for you now :) xx


  14. Nice post!!

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