Monday, December 30, 2013

A little something on time and destiny

My friend and I were talking yesterday. She is a little elder to me and I always look up to her for support and advice. And she always happens to say the right things. Most of the times, things that I want to hear. Its amazing. She told me this one thing yesterday.

"Everybody's story has been written in a certain way. If you ever feel weak think about that and work hard."

I do believe in destiny. I do believe in fate. But I also do believe in hard work and perseverance. I guess all these things play a role in our lives. So i agree with what she said. It makes so much sense.
I mean, if it isn't meant to be then no matter how much you push towards it, it won't happen.
And if you don't work towards something, and expect it to happen automatically, believe me, it won't happen.

My teacher once told me a story of a man who prayed to god and jumped into the water. He expected God to save him, but refused to move his own arms in attempt to save himself. God doesn't help those who don't help themselves.

Also another thing that I believe is, that sometimes, something may not last because its not the right time for it. If it is worth the wait and hard work, then you probably should give it time and sweat because its going to happen. Because there is a mix of destiny and your hard work in it.

Thanks for reading,
XO Ayesha


  1. Loved this post ayesha :) I agree with your friend too :)

    xx Jeeshan

  2. I don't know yet if i believe in destiny. Hard work and perseverance is the most important, i think!
    Loved your post :D
    I'm following you...
    Bye -

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  4. I agree doll I believe you get what you put in. Have a Happy New Year may it bring you success and blessing.

  5. I was never too sure about what destiny really meant or if it existed, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how small the world can actually be. It's almost surreal how different paths can meet at different crossroads in time. Lovely post!

  6. Well said!♥ your words are so inspiring!:) Wish you all the best and happy New Year!:)

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    have a great new year!

  8. Amazing post, I totally agree! :)

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  11. Great post, thanks for sharing sweetie! :)
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  12. This is amazing. Happy New Year!
    Lots of Love, Laura. xx

  13. Very nice blog! Shall we follow each other? :)

  14. I think the same. We write our own destiny. If we wait and do nothing, we won't achieve anything & we won't get anywhere.
    Thanks for your visit & if you'd like to follow each other, just let me know.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year :) xx



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